Bonobos vs. J Crew: Which is Better?

Shopping for clothes online has generally become more accessible.

Whether you seek specific clothing items or want to include new staples, the possibilities are endless.

Numerous online retailers are available to crave your inevitable shopping urge.

Bonobos and J Crew are two leading clothing shopping stores you’ll likely find when shopping for clothes online.

Because of their similarities, it’s often a dilemma to choose between the two stores.

This article contains a comprehensive comparison review between these brands, establishing the advantages and shortcomings of both stores to determine the best.

Bonobos Vs. J Crew: Overview

Bonobos and J. Crew are web-based stores offering a comprehensive collection of clothing items for all genders and groups.

Bonobos focus majorly on menswear, but the company recently released a collection of women’s clothing in 2019.

It’s best known for chinos, dress pants, and accessories. Walmart owns the company, and its selling point is its bricks-and-clicks presence.

J.Crew is a known retailer of men’s and women’s apparel, personal care products, and accessories.

It distributes its products through factory stores, retail websites, and catalogs. It operates about 127 retail units in the United States, including 45 factory outlets.

Let’s differentiate these brands based on specific criteria to establish the better one.

Clothing Varieties of Each Brand

Wide product selection is an essential attribute of clothing brands, and both Bonobos and J.Crew do excellently well in that aspect.

Bonobos focus on casual and formal wear but majorly menswear.

The brand aims to provide perfect wear for men with its comprehensive options.

It designs and sells suits, denim, trousers, shirts, swimwear, outerwear, shorts, and accessories.

The brand uses eco-friendly materials that boast high quality and are free of animal cruelty.

J.Crew offers fashion-forward wardrobe necessities. It provides different sizes for people, especially women.

The product ranges from chinos, casual wear, dresses, tees, formal attires, and underwear.

Every season, J.Crew releases 24 editions of its catalog, each providing more than 80 million copies.

Styles and Fits

Both brands offer a wide range of clothing items with different styles and fits. While Bonobos cater more to men’s clothing, J.Crew addresses women’s needs more.

From first-hand information and customer reviews, Bonobos has a better fascinating range of styles, colors, and futuristic cuts.

The brand provides inclusive sizes, so everybody will get what they seek.

Bonobos clothing fits more as they are true to size compared to J.Crew.

The company has size charts for most of its products, and customers can speak to the ninja to get good measurements.

Quality of the Products

The quality of clothes offered by Bonobos and J.Crew are excellent and better than most other competitors.

Both brands provide pretty comparable quality in most of their products.

However, as reviewed by many customers, J.Crew often misses on quality.

Some of their clothes and accessories have disappointing qualities. The brand’s website is filled with customers’ complaints about their products inferior quality and poor fit.

Generally, Bonobos offer slightly better quality items but wide better fits.

It provides quality better than most clothing brands, including Club Monaco and BR.


Bonobos clothing is pricier on average than similar items from J.Crew because it focuses on tailoring and quality.

The company claims it used high-end materials and immense craftsmanship to create clothing items that are fitting and durable.

Generally, the quality of clothing items for both brands is pretty similar, but J.Crew is less expensive.

Anything from Bonobos is costly, and you’ll get similar quality from J.Crew at a far lower price, except in some cases.

Also, J. Crew offers more promotions, and you’ll hardly need to pay the total price for their product.

The discount can be as high as 40%, and it’s available almost every month.

If there’s no promotion running at the moment, it’ll be very soon, and you can sign up for an email alert to get the notification.


J.Crew is a more popular brand, and it’s been around for a long time. Bonobos was created to be a serious competition to J.Crew by providing a more extended size and fit.

Bonobos is one of the leading brands catering to past pained and frustrated men shoppers of J.Crew.

The company now claims to be the largest online clothing company in the United States.

Customer Services

Both brands have excellent customer service, but customers seem more satisfied with Bonobos. One of the company’s strengths is its availability as a brand.

The company appears to focus more on satisfying its customers rather than making a profit.

Without taking anything away from J.Crew, Bonobos has a better customer service and return policy.

Their pants fit is praised by many customers, and most claim it’s like they’re tailored particularly for them.

The numerous positive reviews on their clothes and accessories are a testament to the company’s excellent service.

Bonobos Vs. J Crew: Which of the Two Is Better?

Both brands are one of the leading clothing companies. They provide quality clothing items and have a significant customer base.

However, they outweigh each other in different departments, and the better one for you depends on your priorities.

For clarity, below are the advantages of choosing one over the other:

Advantages of Bonobos

  • Better material and construction
  • Better quality and fits
  • Superior shipping and return policy
  • Better customer services
  • Brick-and-Mortar guide shop

Advantages of J.Crew

  • Better prices
  • Bigger brand
  • Shorter waiting period before shipping
  • Shipping and reward points for first-time customers

Wrapping Up: Bonobos or J.Crew?

After comparing, Bonobos is the better brand.

The brand wins in most essential aspects, including quality, sizing and fits, customer services, and return policy.

Except you’re on a slim budget, Bonobos should be your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Bonobos better in quality than J Crew?

Well, both brands offer quality clothing and accessories. While Bonobos is slightly more expensive than J Crew, the quality of their products is relatively similar.

You should know that individual items may differ, so it’s entirely dependent on what you’re buying at the end of the day.

Also, both brands have excellent customer service.

However, when it comes to their return policy, then Bonobos is a league above J Crew.

So, if you’re ever going to return any product, you’re likely to have a better experience with Bonobos, compared to J Crew.

Which brand is best for washed pants/jeans?

From my research and review of users of both brands, Bonobos seems to have the better option here.

A lot of people seem to like their washed Bonobos pants with only a few complaints. J Crew is also good but doesn’t have as many positive reviews as Bonobos, in my experience.

Is J Crew going out of business?

If you asked this question in 2020, then it would be followed by a resounding yes. 3 years ago, J Crew was a struggling brand, even filing for bankruptcy at the time.

Fortunately, the brand was bought by another company and made a comeback two years back. Right now, the J Crew brand is still very much alive, serving customers as usual.

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