Cartier Love Bracelet Size 16 vs. 17: Which is Better?

The Cartier love bracelet is beyond an average bracelet.

It’s a blend of pure love and a touch of modern sophistication. The bracelet adorns the wrist excellently, and it’s always a sight to behold.

It has an oval shape to hold the wrist subtly. When choosing the Cartier Love bracelets, you will want to pick the correct size.

An unfitted size, whether too small or large, will not give that perfect aura as it won’t embrace the wrist appropriately.

Size 16 and 17 are the standard size that fits almost every person. Which should you choose?

Follow along, and you’ll find the answer to this question in the article.


The Cartier Love bracelet was designed in 1969 in New York City by Aldo Cipullo, an American jewelry designer.

The bracelet is a timeless and iconic piece dedicated to romance. It is remarkably gorgeous and elegant.

The Love bracelet comes in two types: the small and regular models. Both feature 18k White, Pink, and Yellow Gold color.

Customers can also add studded diamonds.

The small and the regular Cartier Love bracelet have seven different sizes: 15-21 cm and the exact sizes apply to any other variation of the Love bracelet.

Size Comparison

The Cartier Love bracelet size 16 fits about 6″ wrist. It has a gross weight of 32.39cm. The size 17 fits up to a 7″ wrist with a width of 9mm.


Both sizes are available in thin and thick versions. The Cartier small version is the thinner one.

You have the option to choose a diamond-studded version, which will make it ten brilliant-cut diamonds with 0.21 carats.

The regular version is the thicker one. The diamond-studded version has four brilliant-cut diamonds, which amount to 0.43 carats.

Each version and variation comes with a screwdriver.

Generally, the thick version is best worn independently, while the thin version is at its best appearance when it’s layered.


The most popular size and color combination for the Cartier Love bracelet is the yellow gold size 17, followed by the yellow gold size 16.

The next popular combination is the White gold size 16 and 17, respectively.

Cartier Love Bracelet Size 16 Vs. 17: Which Should You Choose?

The best size for you will depend on your preference and several other factors, including wrist size and how fitting you want.

It’s also important to consider future changes in your body, such as weight loss or gain, and plan even though there’s no certainty it’ll happen.

Generally, the rule of thumb is to add 1cm to your wrist measurement if you want a fitted bracelet and add 2cm if you want it loose or dangling and choose the corresponding bracelet size.

For example, if your wrist circumference is 15 cm and you want an exact fit, add 1 cm, meaning size 16 is your ideal size.

If you fancy a dangling or too-loose bracelet, add 2 cm and choose size 17. When you’re skeptical about the right size, select the regular fit(add 1.5 cm).

The most important criterion is to understand what you want and follow the rules accordingly.

However, ensure you consider future body changes as earlier stated. Indeed it’s not easy to predict, but you can judge from past weight fluctuations and present context.

The above is the Cartier recommendation for finding the right size for the Love bracelet. Ensure you follow this rule strictly.

Once the bangle fits over your wrist bone, it’s a good size.

How To Measure Your Wrist for Cartier Love Bracelet

Measuring your wrist for a Cartier Bracelet is a straightforward process that follows the standard principle.

You have two ways of measuring the size. You can download the Cartier Wrist Sizer or use a measuring tape.

To use a measuring tape, you’ll wrap the tape around your wrist and note the number at the intersection where the tape meets point 0.

If your wrist size falls in the middle of the measurement (maybe 15.5cm), we recommend you round it up.

Afterward, add 1 cm to get a perfect fit or 2 cm for a loose fit, and choose the corresponding bracelet size.

Remember that adding 2 cm can be a great mistake, except if you genuinely want a loose fit.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cartier Bracelet

Can Cartier Love Bracelet Be Resized?

No, the Cartier Love bracelet can not be resized. Unlike other popular bracelet types, the Cartier Love bracelet design makes it impossible to resize.

None of the bracelet variations can be resized as you can’t adjust the circumference except if you want to damage the bracelet.

Hence, it’s essential to choose the right size during the purchase.

If you can’t find your size, i.e., your wrist is too small for the smallest size of the bracelet, you can opt for the Cartier Love Cuff.

This bracelet type runs smaller than the Cartier Love type.

Should I Wear My Cartier Love Bracelet Loose, Regular or Tight Fitting?

How you will wear the Cartier Love Bracelet depends on your style and preference.

The regular fit is the perfect fit as the bracelet stays above the wrist bone, which follows Cartier’s recommendation.

Either of the other fits might be too tight or too loose. Whichever way you want to wear it, ensure you prioritize comfort and confidence.

Which of Cartier’s love bracelet sizes is the most popular?

The most popular Cartier’s love bracelet, as of the time of writing this, is the size 17 yellow gold one. This is followed by the size 16 yellow gold bracelet.

\What does this mean for you? It simply shows that a lot of other people are buying them and love them over the other sizes.

At the end of the day, that’ll also depend on the size of your arm.

Should Cartier’s love bracelet fit?

According to the company, there is no one size fits all rule to the sizing.

To get the best fit, you may need to read the Bracelet Sizing Chart, which the brand should provide at the time you’re buying.

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