Is J Crew a Good Brand? Let’s Find Out!

J Crew is one of the most popular and well-known brands in fashion, with stores located throughout the country and an online shop that sells women’s clothing, jewelry, handbags, shoes, and much more.

The J.Crew brand was created in 1983 by CEO Mickey Drexler as an upscale casual wear clothing line targeting men and women over the age of 25.

Since then, J.Crew has become a household name and offers many different types of products that have developed a reputation as being high quality without being overly expensive.

But just how good of a brand is J Crew?

When considering how good J Crew is as a brand, everybody’s viewpoint is subjective. Your opinion depends partly on your age, lifestyle, and budget. It also hinges on your taste in clothing.

J Crew’s clothing is fairly expensive and their style veers towards a classic, casual look. Quality is a high priority.

Is J Crew a Good Brand?

As a brand J Crew has several advantages. Their clothes are available both in shops and online, as well as at numerous concessions, which are part of different stores and websites.

Furthermore, they stock clothes for women, men, and children, which can simplify things if you are someone who shops online and has limited time.

Their clothes are made in a wide range of sizes, for instance, some styles of women’s trousers are available from size 00 up to size 24

J Crew offers its customers a reward scheme; benefits include earning reward points as well as free shipping. In addition, they offer customers a J Crew credit card. This enables you to get a discount on purchases.

Arguably J Crew is an ethical brand.

Environmental concerns are very important to some customers and they would on this basis consider J Crew to be a good brand.

Their cashmere jumpers are made using sustainable wool. J Crew support responsible cashmere production, through its partnership with the Aid by Trade Foundation (AbTF)

This is in addition to stocking a range of clothing known as “Re-imagined” clothing.

Here the emphasis is on working with environmentally friendly mills and factories and using organically grown cotton.

Is J Crew a Good Brand?

After trying a lot of brands, it seems that every bag I buy is either cheaply made or disappoints when it comes to quality.

Then, I tried my first J.Crew handbag and saw a new level of perfection in purse craftsmanship; everything was just in its place, beautifully and securely fastened together by small but sturdy stitches.

I never once worried about how long my bag would last, which I’ve had with nearly every other brand I’ve tried.

And you know how some purses are so poorly put together that even after a year or two of heavy use they look all floppy and worn out?

Not J.Crew handbags!

Is J Crew a Luxury Brand?

One way to determine whether or not a brand is a luxury is by looking at its distribution, pricing, and marketing. The vast majority of J.Crew’s products are sold in its own stores (exclusively).

The company also uses high-end marketing techniques for its products as well as producing limited editions (e.g., collaborating with other brands like Timberland).

Lastly, it can be difficult to find many of J.Crew’s products on sale because they’re considered to be luxury items.

Given all of these factors, I would say that yes, there are reasons why someone might consider J.Crew a luxury brand.

Is J Crew an Ethical Company?

Even if you’re not an ethical shopper, it’s still important to know where your products come from—especially when they’re cheap and readily available at other outlets.

The fast-fashion industry is responsible for a number of human rights violations; but in some cases, companies have made strides toward changing those ways.

Many shoppers avoid certain brands because of their reputation for poor labor conditions.

However, other fast fashion brands have received positive reviews about efforts to improve their labor practices.

Is J Crew Fast Fashion?

Fast fashion doesn’t have an excellent reputation; some even say it’s destroying our planet and exacerbating income inequality.

But is there any merit to these claims? And what does the term “fast fashion” really mean, anyway?

Fashion certainly moves quickly—it can be difficult for people to keep up with trends—but that alone isn’t enough to classify something as fast fashion.

In fact, many brands go out of their way to make clothing as quickly as possible; they employ a new technology called 3D printing that allows them to produce apparel in record time.

So can we really blame J.Crew for its speedy process when most other brands are doing it too?

Are J Crew Handbags Expensive?

Handbags from J.Crew are a bit more expensive than some other brands, so you’ll have to decide if it’s worth your money to purchase one of their products when comparing price and quality.

But remember, you get what you pay for! If you want a handbag that’s going to last, then expect to pay a little extra—and remember that it may be well worth it in the long run!

Customer Reviews on J Crew

There have however been some distinctly negative opinions about J Crew. Several reviews on trust pilot have recently given J Crew a one-star rating.

This is mainly due to the standard of service customers have received.

Customers have also complained about J Crew’s returns policy, as well as needing to spend $300 in order to qualify for free shipping unless you have signed up for J Crew’s reward scheme.

These factors alone could be enough to put people off the brand, especially when you can buy similar quality items for a better price.


In summary, if you are looking for quality, classic clothing and are looking to buy from a company that is progressive when it comes to helping the planet, J Crew is worth considering.

However, some of the more negative reviews suggest that they urgently need to work on improving their customer service.

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