Is Marc Jacobs a Good Brand? Can You Trust the Brand?

Are you looking to purchase a new Marc Jacobs bag? Do you want to be sure it’s worth it before spending your money?

If yes, then you’re in the right place.

There has been a lot of debate about the current situation of MJ.

The brand has always been a premier, high-end brand that is loved by all.

But the story changed in 2014 when the creative director of MJ stepped down. Is MJ making a comeback? If so, can it be permanent?

In this article, I explore some of the important factors to consider before investing in a Marc Jacobs item.

Marc Jacobs: Sweet and Trendy

MJ is best known for its trendy, bold, and colorful bags.

Marc Jacobs bags are designed for everyday use, whether to the office, mall, or a visit to the grandma.

The bags and handbags are made from canvas and leather materials.

If you’re looking for bags that depict street-wear aesthetics, boldness, and modern looks, then you should look into MJ. The bags can go from $250 to $600, depending on where you’re buying from.

Is Marc Jacobs A Luxury Brand?

A luxury brand exemplifies quality design, unique craftsmanship, high price, and some rarity.

Although MJ produces some luxury items, it’s not considered a luxury brand in the same sense as others like Dior, Gucci, Fendi, etc.

Finding affordable, easy-to-access, designer bags from these brands is impossible.

Unlike them, Marc Jacobs is more affordable, easily accessible, and ubiquitous. Most see MJ as being equal to brands like Coach, Kate Spade, and similar medium, and low-end brands.

The closest the brand was to a luxury brand was before 2014. Then, Marc Jacobs was the creative director.

He has always had these fashionable, differentiating qualities.

Marc Jacobs fell out of stardom when he left after 16 years of directing the company. I’d say the company is only struggling to regain footing in the fashion industry.

Are Marc Jacobs Bags Expensive?

Being expensive is relative. So, the most important thing is your own budget.

Next, look at the quality, since not all products are created equal. Generally, the better the quality, the high the price you’re going to pay.

Marc Jacobs bags come at different prices and should retail around $250 to $600, depending on the style and design.

This price is good for the quality that MJ offers. But if you want other affordable options, you can look at Coach, Zara, and similar brands.

Remember, goodwill, good quality, and positive, and raving reviews point to a great brand.

Should You Buy Marc Jacobs?

Of course, go for it.

The brand is affordable and likely available in your local store. Even if a brand is no longer trending, there is nothing stopping you from buying its product if that’s what you want.

No one should allow other people’s opinions to affect what they wear or not.

Where Can You Get Marc Jacobs Products?

The brand is available on Sephora, Amazon, Shopbop, and Fashionista, with solid reviews from other users. You can shop on the official website too, but the stock is limited.

Is Marc Jacobs A High-end Brand?

The brand has two different lines. Marc Jacobs, which is the high-end version. And Marc by Marc Jacobs, which is more contemporary.

The two lines are operated together.

The high-end line used to be comparable to the likes of Fendi, Gucci, YSL, and Louis Vuitton.

But the situation changed in 2014 when all collections in the Marc Jacobs line were halted.

And instead merged with the contemporary line, which became the new Marc Jacobs. With a new logo to boot.

On one hand, MJ can be compared to other high-end brands like Michael Kors, Kate Spade, and Tory Burch.

These brands offer very expensive items backed by immaculate craftsmanship that makes them.

On the other hand, you can compare it with low-end brands like Uniqlo, Asos, Zara, and Pull n Bear.

While easily accessible to most, with very affordable prices, the quality can be very poor. Often only useful for a few months (or years if you’re lucky).

That isn’t to say that the present line offered by MJ isn’t good. The brand is still reliable and worth investing in.

But if you’re after high-end items, you may have to look elsewhere.

If that is the case, why is MJ still considered a premier designer when it has stopped all high-end bags?

Technically, the high-end bags from Marc Jacobs haven’t really stopped.

They are not just as prominent as they usually are, especially on official sites. Plenty of other retailers still carry them. Examples are Fashionista, ShopBop (Here and Here), and SaksfiftAvenue.

What Sets Marc Jacobs Apart?

MJ bags come in classic styles but are also ”out of the box”.

They’re extremely trendy.

You probably haven’t seen it before but can recognize it due to the signature styling.

Sometimes, a bag will come with a mix of different materials or patterns that blends.

The bags are durable and of very good quality, going to multiple reports from users. These things make MJ bags original, classy, and unique.


Marc Jacobs, in my opinion, is a good brand. It’s contemporary and trendy. The price is reasonable.

The brand may have fallen from the high-end sector, but the quality is still there.

As long as you see designs that you love that fall in your budget range, don’t hesitate to go for them.

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